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Life and biography researched from Wikipedia, the Beny Tchaicovsky Facebook page, and the film Beyond Duality: The Meaning of Art. Much of his life has gone undocumented or forgotten, or exists on backups of websites and servers that have been lost to time. His DVDs are still purchasable widely, and his full works now exist on YouTube for free, but in terms of how this man lived I could find little. I researched as much as I could, often being sent to links of long lost geocities, which gave me the inspiration for this format. It's interesting how little I could find considering I learned of him in an accredited Animation History course. It makes me realize there was so much out there that has now been lost. So much art that has been obscured. This page is built to reflect that, to showcase how something fascinating can easily slip away from us. The 1990's wasn't so long ago, yet we've already been deprived of so much from it. How much more will we lose as the digital age progresses?

R.I.P. Beny Tchaicovsky, 1954-2006

Made by Steff Bradley for SVA's Masters of Fine Arts Visual Narrative program.